Is Rod Gantry one of the special ones – a Time Walker?

The son of an Irish-American and a Native-American, Rod Gantry is a modern horseman. Skilled in tracking and the use of firearms, the death of his beloved Sara has him contemplating ending his loneliness.

When a rougue, five-toed cougar returns, Rod finds purpose and sets out to track the mountain lion. He follows the big cat into a cave, only to emerge in the 19th century.

Runs-Too-Swift, a character from his past, awaits him then sends Rod on a mission to correct a mistake in history. Can Rod adapt and survive in the Old West? What will happen if he corrects the mistake – or what if he fails?

“I just finished “Palamino Days” and could not put it down! Dialogue is great and the intimate knowledge of the old west and all of the various artifacts and detail really placed the reader there. Many twists and turns … watch out, you will not believe the ending.”